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NO. 2014121403855
Invoice ABX01069371505 post from China 18/12
NO. 2014121199677
Invoice Poslaju EF626843963MY (18.12.14)
NO. 2014121778588
Invoice Poslaju EF626843950MY (18.12.14)
NO. 2014121806937
Invoice Poslaju EF626843946MY (18.12.14)
NO. 2014121707804
Invoice cod 18/12
NO. 2014111862601
Invoice cod 18/12
NO. 2014101615567
Invoice cod 18/12
NO. 2014121869798
Invoice Poslaju EF626825531MY (18.12.14)
NO. 2014121858725
Invoice cod 18/12/14
NO. 2014121818323
Invoice Poslaju EF626825528MY (18.12.14)

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Welcome to Fashionhomez, those item you are able to add to cart are ready stock, once paid will arrange shipment within 24hours ( except non-working days) pre-order pls email to (code, consignee name, address and contact number).pls advise your order number, payment amount and payment to which bank once payment done...thanks ^^.