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NO. 2015090170887
Invoice POSLAJU EF854022805MY (01.09.2015)
NO. 2015090122367
Invoice Poslaju EF854022791MY (1.9.15)
NO. 2015083041744
Invoice Poslaju EF854022788MY (1.9.15)
NO. 2015090184640
Invoice POSLAJU EF854022686MY (01.09.2015)
NO. 2015082938277
Invoice Poslaju EF854022774MY (1.9.15)
NO. 2015083086769
Invoice POSLAJU EF854022672MY (01.09.2015)
NO. 2015090114551
Invoice Poslaju EF854022690MY (1.9.15)
NO. 2015082954092
Invoice POSLAJU EF854022669MY (01.09.2015)
NO. 2015090176784
Invoice Poslaju EF854022709MY (1.9.15)
NO. 2015083048537
Invoice POSLAJU EF854022655MY (01.09.2015)

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Welcome to Fashionhomez, those item you are able to add to cart are ready stock, once paid will arrange shipment within 24hours ( except non-working days) pre-order pls email to [email protected] (code, consignee name, address and contact number).pls advise your order number, payment amount and payment to which bank once payment done...thanks ^^.