post on the same working day if payment before 2pm, stock qty is written at website
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Terms -read b4 order
~+Fashion homez+~ / 2011-06-02

Welcome to dropshipshoes


- Please note that due to limited stock, please only place order if you can make payment within 3 days.


- All offer item to be paid with 24 hours.


- Please do not simply amend or cancel your order or-else we are not able to      

   reserve the item for you next time, hope you can understand our difficulty.



- The price is fixed, non-negotiable


- The picture is not real picture, our supplier is copy the latest fashion design and therefore color, material, measurement and design may be slightly difference. Please do not place order if customer cannot accept this. As we are short of hand, not able to provide real picture.


- Price not included postage, refer here for postage.


- We deliver according to the order details, if any amendment please check and confirm the order (product and consignee detail) before payment make.


- The order will only reserve for 3 days.


- If the item order is out of stock we will refund to customer. For pre-order customer can request for refund for the if the item not able to post out within12 working days after payment made (if pay after 6pm consider as next day order).


- Please contact us if you have difficulty to place order (call 012-7021238 or email


- We will post the ready stock item on the same working day if payment make before 2pm and courier take 1-2 working days to deliver. We cannot guarantee when your order will reach you as courier service is beyond our control.


- Customer should understand that we are not selling the original product, where the item sometime might have very minor defect (dirty / glue ....), even we try our best to inspect the item but our staff is human, so might have human error where they overlook it. If you are looking for perfect item and cannot accept minor defect, we suggest you not to place order on our website.


- Once sold the item are not refundable. Customer can only return to exchange if with our permission. If we allow you to exchange or return, please follow the exchange / return policy.


- The shop owner may amend the Rules and Regulations as and when necessary











2。小店里卖的都是仿韩版的,所提供的相片和资料是由厂家提供,只供顾客参考,并非实照,样式,颜色和尺寸有小差别是正常的现象。请比较挑剔的MM另择他家。如果要看实物,   欢迎到我们实体店里选购。本店人手不足,不会提供实照。请见谅。

3。 所有的商品价格未包括邮费。货品会在收到汇款后的一到两天发货。否则,我们会另行通知。

4。发货部是根据订单发货,如果有任何修改 ( 名字地址或产品),请在付款前检查确认,顾客如果没有检查购物单,本店一概不负责。

5。 顾客下单后,在三天内请付100%的款项! 如逾期汇款,订单将会被取消,除非该顾客已经先前交代清楚。



8. 我们只能保证现货下午两点前付款当天寄,不能保证几时到。因为快递不在我们控制内,请见谅。一般1-2工作天到。


10.我们的产品是几块到几十块的东西,可能会有小小的瑕疵 (一点点的小污迹尤其是浅色商品,或者没缝好,有线头,鞋子有胶水,一点染色),虽然每件产品都经过检查,也或许我们的员工没有留意到,就请买家帮忙处理下。如果您是追求完美者,请到实体店购买以避免任何类似问题。



如您订购本站商品则视为您已阅读、了解并同意接受以上协定,若您不同意,则您应立即停用本站服务。 我们有权单方随时修改或变更本服务协议之内容,并随时通过网站公布最新之约定事项,不另作个別通知。


如您订购本站商品则视为您已阅读、了解并同意接受以上协定,若您不同意,则您应立即停用本站服务。 我们有权单方随时修改或变更本服务协议之内容,并随时通过网站公布最新之约定事项,不另作个別通知。




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